It’s Saturday morning, and we’re up watching 24: Season 2. And Jessie is making curtains for our bedroom. I know…she’s incredible. At least the material is really fun and it doesn’t cause nausea when you look at it…

It’s a good morning. And the conversation has been stimulating. We actually just talked about how Christmas wish lists get more boring as you get older. But I’m convinced that it’s not the list items that are boring, but it’s how you talk about them:

Jessie: Here’s my Christmas list: I want a yard stick, so that I can measure straight lines when I want to hang curtain pullbacks, and I want a board with pegs on it so that I can place my spools of thread on the pegs. Right now, the spools are all in that bag (pointing) and they just get everywhere and get tangled. It’s really annoying…isn’t that just the most boring Christmas list you’ve ever heard?

Me:  Yeah…but it’s all in how you present it. I mean, yes, you want the yardstick so that you can draw straight lines when you’re measuring, but you could also add that the yardstick would be useful for assaulting your husband when you get angry.

(…she didn’t laugh…should I be worried?)

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