From this day forward, posts that are characterized by random, disorganized, and potentially unintelligible groupings of information will by default fall under the title “Rundown”. Clever, I know 🙂

1. The apartment is undergoing many renovations. Curtains (and pullbacks) have been hung. Shelves have been attached to the wall. Misplaced screw holes have been filled in (thanks Jess!). And currently the futon (upon which I am sitting) is in the middle of the living room. Things are coming together quite nicely here.

2. As a seminary student, there has been much reading to do for each of my classes. Right now I am enrolled in four classes at SEBTS: Church History: Patristic, Medieval, and Reformation, Evangelism, Hermeneutics, and Philosophy. Needless to say, my cup runneth over…mentally speaking.

3. Chapel on Tuesday was a wonderful time of corporate worship for all of the students at Southeastern. Matt Papa (who, as a side note, is the brother of Hugh Carson, now on staff at Renewal Church where I just finished a year-long internship) and his band led in the time of corporate singing, and we sang four very powerful, truth-bearing worship songs: Your Love is Strong by Jon Foreman, You Alone Can Rescue by Matt Redman, Stronger by Hillsong, and Very Last Word, a new song by Matt Papa. All of these songs, including the one written by Matt, have incredible structure, lyrics, and dynamics. If you haven’t heard any of them, then you can find them and listen to them on Youtube (except for the new song by Matt).

4. If you haven’t seen it, this is an incredible news story:

As incredible as this video is (and I understand that “incredible” may not be an appropriate word considering the circumstances which necessitated the video being made), I have become an even BIGGER fan of Autotune the News’ song taken from the video:

Alright, that’s all I’ve got for you today. Tune in again to see what’s crankin’ at the Pearson household later.

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  1. Niqua's Mother says:

    This…is where I live.

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