Labor Day Weekend

What a wonderful holiday weekend! My parents were able to visit with Jessie and I Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday morning. It was fun getting to show them around Wake Forest, walk around Southeastern’s campus, show them our new favorite park, E. Carroll Joyner Park, and spend time with the Smiths. Coincidentally, we ran into Dr. Alvin Reid, my Evangelism professor at Southeastern and one of dad’s classmates from his time at Southwestern Seminary.

On Saturday, my parents, Jessie and I attended the wedding of Zach Kennedy and Kelly Odom. Kelly and her family have been goods friends of my family for many years, so it was a great time of celebration. Jessie and I just celebrated our two month anniversary last Friday, so it was even more special for us, remembering our own wedding day and just how amazing it was.

All in all, it was a good weekend. It was a little unfortunate that I had to work today, but as long as I am getting to work, I cannot complain. Is there a better way to celebrate the Labor Day weekend than working? I submit that there is not.

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One Response to Labor Day Weekend

  1. Mom says:

    We had a BLAST and loved seeing where you live. It’s beautiful….from your home…to the park…to the campus….to the town. We’re so excited for you both. It was a great weekend! 😉 LOVE!!!

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