I think I’m crazy, which is why I decided to make bagels today.  For some reason, I didn’t think to take any pictures, until I set the dough to rise.  And the only warm place I could find was on top of the dryer while it was running.

After it rose, I split the dough, added cheddar to 1/3, cinnamon and raisins to 1/3, and left the other 1/3 plain.  Then formed each kind into rolls:

[This is the point when Bailey got home and took over the photography.  That’s why the pictures get better ;)]

Then the fun part-boiling:

But that’s when it started to get ugly.  They don’t really look like bagels

They turned out ok…only about half of them look similar to a bagel, but they taste great!  So in my mind, that makes up for being misshapen.  We haven’t tasted the plain ones, but if the cheddar and cinnamon raisin turned out good, I’m sure the plain ones did too.

Lessons learned:

1. Next time, I’m doubling the batch so we have some to share and/or freeze and save.  If I’m going to spend that much time, it would’ve been nice to have more than 13 relatively small bagels.

2. I’m only going to be able to make bread on days I’m doing laundry since that was the only warm place I could find in our apartment.

3. Don’t boil the cheese bagels before the others.  It makes the water all gross and then takes a long time to get a new pot of water to boil.

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2 Responses to Bagels!

  1. Mom Pearson says:

    Okay, this is impressive Jessie! And they look delicious.

  2. making bagels at home is not WEIRD! coincidentally, I JUST did this and blogged about it earlier this week. except you were braver than I because I waited until my professor in class put it on our syllabus. I am definitely making more at home. I am surprised your recipe had you let them rise – I don’t think they really need to rise unless you are trying to stretch your dough. First, because they are bagels so they don’t need a lot of air or lightness to them (unless that is what you want) and secondly, because sometimes I have found that letting dough out to rest a long time is what gives their surface that wrinkled look. I don’t know WHY though or if that is an unrelated observation on my part. Anyways, glad to have found your blog link on your facebook!

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