Over the last few days, I’ve been knitting and sewing a lot. And I do mean a lot. My dad thinks I must be bored, but I would argue that I’m keeping busy so that I won’t become bored.

Anyways, I can’t reveal everything I’ve been working on (gifts are supposed to be surprises), but I will reveal that on Saturday and Sunday, I successfully followed a pattern for the first time and made an awesome apron. I got Bailey to try it on for me and I almost had a pic but he took it off when he realized what I was doing 😦 I’ve also been knitting washcloths. Because I need another scarf like a need a hole in my head and I can’t knit anything other than flat things. And also because these are my favorite washcloths ever.  Next on my list of projects is a new cover for the ironing board.  And then a quilt (because I have a ton of quilt squares already cut) and then a t-shirt quilt with Bay’s old t-shirts that he’s been saving.  I think I’ll stay busy for a while.

But getting to the point:  I took a picture of the living room floor.  The sad part is, the whole apartment, not just the floor, looks like a craft store exploded.

Note the yardstick that was a gift from my extremely thoughtful mother-in-law.  It has made all of this sewing (ok, technically cutting) a whole lot easier!

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4 Responses to crafty

  1. Mom Pearson says:

    Was just catching up on your blog and saw the yardstick. Oh, if everyone was as easy to please with a yardstick! 😉 I love you Jessie. Can’t wait to see all you’ve created. And I already saw that you’re becoming a sewing machine technician as well. ha

  2. Aunt Gale says:

    I just printed out instructions for a t-shirt quilt….. I’ve got enough of Rachel’s t-shirts to do at least two quilts for king size beds — I just saw one that a girl had on her bed at college — they are adorable! Keep up the good work! Can’t wait to see your creations… Have you tried a pillowcase dress yet for a little girl ? Lots of little girls wear those here at church and I’ve heard they are super easy and fun.
    Aunt Gale

    • jessielpearson says:

      I’ve made more t-shirt quilts than I care to admit! But it was perfect in the dorms and so fun to have all the memories of things I did in high school.

  3. Patty Patterson says:

    I must say, Jessie, you are my inspiration! When I get ready to “29 Boogie Fling” (as Flylady would say), I can’t help but wonder: WWJDWT “What would Jessie do with this?” Old jeans=new skirt or new purse!!!! Love it!!!!

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