I made a new rule for myself. I have to finish one project before I’m allowed to start another one. It’s been great motivation, because yesterday I got 30 rows knitted on the baby blanket I’m working on (no, we’re not having a baby. It’s for a friend.) Project-in-progress #2 is a quilted runner for the top of our dresser. I got tired of the TV sitting on top of a towel.  And I’ll pretend I don’t have a million other projects started that are still boxed up in my craft supplies (ahem, fleece blanket with yarn border, lap blanket that was supposed to be a gift about 4 years ago, stuffed rooster (?!), a cute painted birdhouse with a cross stitch sign, and who knows what else)

I’m just itching to get them done though. My next goal is to learn how to quilt. I have a box full of squares ready to be pieced together into a quilt top. I have a perception that real quilting is way different than t-shirt quilting. Maybe not. We’ll find out. Anyways, I’ve been reading up on quilting and asking my grandma questions via phone so I’ve got lots of ideas spinning around in my head. My two favorite inspirations right now:
Wonky 9-blocks (example/tutorial here)

and this cool casserole carrier

Not that we’re going to a lot of potlucks or anything, but I think it would just be a cool thing to have/add to my file of gift-making possibilities.

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