I called my grandma with a quilting question last week and as I was telling her some things I was working on, I asked her if she’d ever heard of “I-Spy” quilts.  (Google it and look at some of the images)  I saw them a few weeks ago and decided it was a neat idea to keep in mind for when we eventually have kids.  I know it would have been a huge hit with my siblings when we were growing up.  It takes a LOT of different fabrics though in order to have different pictures in each square.  So I started a box with a few scraps of things I already had with the intent of continuing to collect pieces over the next several years.

Anyways, I got an envelope in the mail today full of an incredible assortment:

I love the lemons and cucumbers in the top right corner, especially because I’d had my eye on this.  I didn’t really want 38 of them, but I loved how realistic they looked.

In other news, the baby blanket is done and I’m mapping out the casserole carrier.

AND, tonight is date night!  🙂  We have a coupon for a free pizza and another for 2 free blizzards from Dairy Queen, so we’re picking them up and then heading to the park for a picnic.  I’m so excited!

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