checking in

I just wanted to let everyone know that we’re alive and we haven’t forgotten about the blog.  We spent a fantastic few days in Tennessee visiting family over the weekend and now we’re busy getting back into the swing of things (and lots of job interviews for me.  Hopefully we’ll have some news soon!)  Bailey’s working a lot of shifts this week, but has this Friday night off.  This is the first Friday he’s had off without specifically requesting it to go out of town.  We’re so excited to get to spend time with friends and go to the worship night at church where they’re recording a CD!

So there’s the synopsis of our life right now.  Hopefully once I catch up on laundry and cleaning I’ll have some new sewing projects to share!

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One Response to checking in

  1. stephanie caldwell says:

    Jessie, I enjoy your blog!! It is so fun to see all your creative crafting adventures (and inspiring, too!). It makes me think of our middle and high school days b/c you always did the most creative projects! Remember the quilt in 5th grade? And the pinestraw basket in maybe 7th? And the time you made your friend’s mom model for Egyptian fashion? Hahahaha. Good times!! Can’t wait to see you soon! -Steph

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